By the age of 26 I was earning a meager living photographing sports, weddings, portraits and products. I realized that I wasn't making much of a living because my heart wasn't in the commercial side of photography. I changed gears and moved to the north coast of San Diego. My art progressed when I began photographing the natural world we all live in and human beings doing very human things. As I evolved and matured I eventually got a job working as a left coast photographer for a large corporation on the right coast.

Formal photographic education: Orange Coast College (Art Taussig, teacher) and the Newport School of Photography (Jerry Burchfield, teacher).

Today, my day job has to do with psychology but most of my free time is about photography. Many of my captured images, that give me great pleasure, have their foundation in the words of two men:

The artist is not a person endowed with free will who seeks his own ends, but one who allows art to realize its purpose through him. C.G. Jung

 I  think every work of art expresses, more or less purely, more or less subtly, not feelings & emotions which the artist has, but feelings and emotions which the artist knows; his insight into the nature of science, his picture of vital experience, physical & emotive & fantastic. Ralph Eugene Meatyard

My photographic inspiration comes from: Jerry Burchfield and Ralph Eugene Meatyard because they both colored outside of the lines and developed unique art - both beautiful and thought provoking. 

My everyday inspiration: My wife Laurel - who keeps me honest in my pursuits.

I hope you enjoy the images presented on this site and if you wish to contact me please go to the Cali Connect page and send me an email. I will respond back, not immediately, but soon. Gene Davila